Literary History and Studies

Secret Gardens: the golden age of children’s literature by Humphrey Carpenter

Enchanted Hunters: The power of stories in childhood by Maria Tatar

Worlds Within: Children’s fantasy from the middle ages to today by Sheila Egoff

American Childhood: Essays on children’s literature of the 19th and 20th centuries by Anne Scott Macleod

Dont tell the grownups: The subversive power of children’s literature by Alison Lurie

From Instruction to Delight: An anthology of children’s literature to 1850 by Patricia Demers and Gordon Moyles

Children’s Literature: A readers history from Aesop to Harry Potter by Seth Lerer

The Natural History of Makebelieve: A guide to the principal works of Britain, Europe and America by John Goldthwaite

Down the Rabbit Hole: Adventures and Misadventures in the realm of children’s literature by Selms G. Lanes

Through the LookingGlass: Further adventures and Misadventures in the realm of childhood by Selma G. Lanes

The Selected Letters of Lewis Carroll by Morton N. Cohen

The Collectors Book of Children’s Books by Eric Quayle

The Pleasures of Children’s Literature by Perry Nodelman

Children’s Literature: An Illustrated History edited by Peter Hunt and Ethel Heins

Who’s Who in Children’s Books: a Treasury of the Familiar Characters of Childhood by Margery Turner Fisher

   by Prof. BeverlyLyon Clark


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