When truth conflicts with social agendas

In the Church, Catholic or Protestant, there should be no room for Conservatism or Liberalism, only truth.

We often hear about social justice, but whould we care about refugees or immigrants (illegal or not)? The answer is yes, of course we should. Just as Christ cared for the adulterer or the thief, for you and I even in our own sin. But we also must not normalize bad or criminal behavior. In the case of “most” immigrants, they are not fleeing real terror or crisis, they are just looking for a better life, a chance to make a little more money, or have a little more freedom.

There is an important distinction there. that is often overlooked when we discuss immigration with broad strokes. Further, Notice that Christ had a treasurer? Yes his disciples carried money with which to buy supplies and food, for themselves but also for the people who came to hear Christ speak, we see this recorded in the gospels. We easily forget that the miracles of the loaves and the fishes was not the norm, they were remarkable because they were outside the norm. Why does this matter? Unlike Christ, we are not all-powerful and we do not have the ability to create actual food out of nothing. So we must be careful to ensure that in material supplies we have enough to care for those who really need, from those who merely really want. Christ, who cold afford to cast his pearls before swine carefully chose to whom he would reveal the treasures of the kingdom. Are we to be any less discerning or any more frivolous with how we distribute the physical fruits of that spiritual treasure?

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