Knowing God is finding the natural, in the supernatural.

The great conundrum for the modern secularist is that god is supernatural. As the supernatural contains all those things deemed to be fictions, such as ghosts and goblins and magic hats then of course they conclude the supernatural itself must be as fictitious as the various myths and fairy-tales that belong to it. It is no great leap to conclude that god, being supernatural is likewise a fiction. And guess what. They are correct. If god is supernatural  then god must be as fictitious as a magic sword or a ghost train or  dragon breathing fire.

If god is supernatural, that is.

But lets look closely. God may do things that appear supernatural to us, in fact just as supernatural as a smartphone would appear to the mind of  dark age peasant. If the sun is said to stop then we can know that either the story is a myth or the story is a supernatural act that goes against the fundamental laws of nature. Would not the very earth shudder and break apart if the suns gravitational effect were to ceases for a whole day? Would not oceans be displaced or the moon, hurdled from its near earth orbit? Yet clearly none of the happened. Since we can therefore conclude the supernatural did not happen, then we can easily determine the story is a myth, and from there easily deduce so many other biblical stories are myths.

But if we accept a truth stated in the bible, that God is the lord of all. That he created the universe and governs it then we can easily reject the supernatural from the story for a very simple reason. What happens when controlled by God is as natural because god is the foundational law of the universe. In God there are no contradictions, no acts of the supernatural of any kind, in fact the work of god, even at their most strange and mysterious are far more natural than any of the machines made by man or ideas conceived by the mind of man. Therefore we are left with only two possibilities, either the stories of the bible, those strange and wondrous tales are either invented myths, designed to be acts of deception or recorded as facts by an ignorant and gullible people, of they are in fact acts of nature.

For the apologist there is great danger in navigating a minefield while under fire from all sides. It is not and never should be the task to defend against all assaults, instead we must find a way to navigate that minefield, avoid the triggers and deal with the substance of the arguments of the disbeliever.

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