The World and College

Elizabeth Devos, Donald Trump’s nominee for the Department of Education testified before an often hostile group of elected representatives where she made an interesting point but not quite in the way she believed she was making it. When asked about a campus culture of sexual assault she pointed out that the wisdom telling us that if you work hard and study hard then you can go to college and the world will be opened has become a danger for women.

Without arguing over the drastic increase in sexual activity in college among men and women, or the frequency of which false claims of assault are reported I believe she has a point. College has become the place where the “world” is indeed opened and not in a positive way. We see young men and women entering an environment where free speech is measured and dictated with approved phrases and a never ending chain of new pronouns by which we must politely refer to other people, places and things. Fraternities and Sororities engage in violent hazing, college athletes are seduced into vices beyond their years and faculty lean so far towards one political spectrum that the only word for their methods of education must be propaganda.

Indeed college has become the place where the secular world is mot fully realized and alarmingly seductive. Young men and women enter an environment absent parental authority, fraternities and sororities engage in violent and humiliating hazing rituals, binge drinking and sexual activity are at endemic level, athlete’s engage in vices beyond their years, swelled with pride in youthful strength and the promise of wealth and fame, faculty have evolved into such left-leaning bias that the only suitable word for their teaching method must be propaganda and students engage in binge drinking and sexual activity at rates that are endemic. The only moral foundation these children find is whatever they take with them, and this is often lacking due to parental inattentiveness or quickly diminished under the crushing weight of peer and professorial  ridicule. The world that students find is not friendly to honesty, morality, social responsibility or a relationship with God.

Faithful parents must understand that sending your child to college is not merely a way to ensure a good job or increased knowledge, is a dangerous path that must be walked carefully. It is a path through paganism, through vice and the reduction of the soul into a thing of mockery and scorn. The world that is opened to our children is the same world that has always been open, sexual immorality, deviance, intellectual dishonesty, Silence bought with apathy, greed and pride.  College is a journey, but it is often a journey through dark places at a time when children are most impressionable and most uncertain of where they belong. That darkness will claim them if they are left to their own devices.

Consider this… Parents today insist that children remain children until 25 (after college) for insurances purposes. Society argues that college students should be absolved of student debt, based on the sad but not incorrect assumption that college age children are incapable of making sound financial decisions. Everywhere we turn we see the age of maturation extended further and further with commensurate responsibility stretched to the breaking point.  Yet when it comes to morality and matters of conscience the going rule is that youth is more equipped to make those judgements.

How sad that Americas first Universities were built to provide churchmen, that prayer and the Bible were enshrined in foundational education and yet today, that has been forsaken in the name of new forms of tolerance that allow for everything accept morality, responsibility and personal accountability.  It has not happened in a vacuum. As college chapels grew silent, safe zones emerged to take their places and faithful men and women stood by, sending their children off just as Jephthah, through a fools vow and ignorance of the state of the world sent his own daughter through the fires. Will you, the parent see college as something it is not and sacrifice your children or will you see it as a dangerous, but perhaps necessary place, allowing your children to go, filled with wisdom, courage and a moral foundation that is unshakable?

If you think college is just a place, then you are already on the wrong side and your children are unequipped to face the very real dangers.



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