Why we fail to grow…

People want the attention that goes with voicing their problems, and this includes groups as culturally, socially and politically diverse as Black Lives Matter, Christians living in “post-Christian” America, Conservatives who feel Liberalism is destroying the nation and Liberals who believe Conservatives want to hold the nation back from this or that imagined social Utopia. Gays scream for equality, abortion rights activists vie for attention against pro-life protestors.  People are demanding that we accept gender is fluid even as they argue that a persons sexual orientation is fixed at birth. Pastors and Christian authors and popular atheist pundits try to over shout one another by building massive arks or free though billboards.

Life has become a contest to see who can get the most attention by being the loudest and we are all suffering because of it. You see, the way to really succeed is not to voice your problems, real or imagined, but to understand them yourself and then to share that understanding with others. Until we all learn this lesson nothing we say, no matter how loud or true will ever make a positive impact in the world and guess what; black and white children, men and women, gay and straight, faithful and faithless will continue to tear one another apart in a vain attempt to force the other to yield.


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