Gods Unyielding Holiness


Gods awesome holiness is not something we think of very often anymore. Sure we speak of salvation, of Christ’s love, or sin occasionally, but God’s awesome, unyielding holiness is like a lost vocabulary to modern Christians. As if the very thought of it frightens us and perhaps it does, after all we want a friendly God, a buddy God who wants us to be happy and that’s that. We desire a God who sent his son so that we could have daily affirmations and be told that we are good, so long as we act good to one another. But is this really what God is about?

Everything we know about God is filtered through HIS holiness and when we approach HIM and HIS son we must do so knowing that we approach absolute and perfect holiness. Not a holy place, a place of awe and mystery but the very fount of holiness from which all things pure ebb and flow.

The Holiness of God is penetrating, painful and dreadful to behold. In  the Bible those who encountered God did not find a best friend or a self-help advisor or a plucky tv evangelist. No, friends, they encountered something that left them broken and reeling, in pain and shock, thunder struck by the whisper as much as the storm.

The old saying it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God speaks to that holiness and we would do well to remember it, and incorporate that sense into our prayer life.

Remember well and heed the holiness of the Living God. There is power there, and we ignore it at our peril.
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