The tragedy of declining cultural milestones



Noted ____ defined three stages of cultural milestones with birth, death and burial and marriage

Anthropologists looking at disparate cultures around the world and throughout history would certainly agree. In research that ranges from children’s literature, anthropology, theology and philosophy and historical political I have isolated 4 additional cultural milestones with death remembrance, gender milestones and national memorial events.

Over the last five decades in America and in Europe each has been under increased assault reduced in importance and ridiculed and in many cases at risk of extinction.

What they are and how they are under threat


abortion / decline in family size / decline in marriage / normalization of homosexuality

Death & Burial

decline in family cohesion / medical usurpation of death ways / decline in cultural traditions / decline in church attendance / beliefs in limited physical resources including land


self interest / alternative lifestyles / diminished importance of family

Death Remembrance

transient ways of life / media driven short attention spans /  self- interest / diminished role of family / emphasis on now / decline in religion

Gender Milestones

gender dysphoria at a cultural level negates the value of boy and girl hood / gender confusion including homosexuality and transgenderism / birth control to manage and prevent menstruation / cultural rejection of masculinity as a virtue / cultural redefining of traditional feminine roles

National Memorials

civic responsibility / de-valuing of past generations / emphasis on modernity as superior / self-interest / breakdown of family




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