Tough Questions American Christians shold ask themselves August 2015

Why do I believe when not believing has never been easier or more socially acceptable?

Is the Bible enough for me?

Do I stand on biblical traditions and traditions as laid out over the last two thousand years or should I abandon them and stand with cultural trends?

Should I demand that a church or individual that moves from Biblical tradition and stands on modern, cultural moral and ethical standards explain why the church has had it wrong for so long and why they believe they have it right?

Is the time right to consider reconciling Catholic and Protestants traditions in some form?

What is my church doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong as a Christian?

Am I willing to face persecution?

Am I willing to help those who are facing persecution?

Am I judging others hypocritically of my own sinful nature or discerning right from wrong?

How heavy is my cross today… This week… This month?

How heavy is my neighbors cross? Can I help them to shoulder the weight?

How much of Jesus Christ do people see in my actions? This does not mean people will like you better because you are being nicer. In fact this may mean you will be hated more intensely than ever before!

Am I praying MY will be done, or Your will be done?

Do I really take comfort from the rest in our lord Jesus Christ?

To whom have I ministered this week?

Have I given up on listening for the voice of God because his voice seems to long in coming? Remember Abraham and his long wait. Remember Joseph and his years servitude.

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