Why the decline in American Christianity precipitated the rise of Middle Eastern Christian persecution – work in progress

To say that Christina persecution in the west, in America as Christians are forced out of business for their faith based stance on gay marriage is perhaps too far, yes. There was never a promise that the faithful would be free to be successful in business. This was true for Rome and it is true for America today. And to claim that persecution in America is equivalent to persecution of Christians in the Middle East is grossly improper as our faithful brothers and sisters there face death. However it is absolutely true to say that the decline of Christianity in the public sphere, the removal of Christianity from public spaces and the growth of hostility directed against Christians precipitated the emergence of groups like ISIS whose goal is the extermination of Western ideals. ISIS, and groups like them understand better than we in the west do that western thought IS Christian thought, that Western ideals are Christian’s ideals. They understand that making war against the west is to make war against Christianity. It is we of the west who have lost sight of this.

There was a time our Christian ideals, though often times misplaced and poorly executed were a bulwark against evil in the world. You see, Christianity has no room for moral relativism, for ego or for self-interest, and especially no room for hate. It was Christian idealism that abolished slavery, that ended child labor, that drove charity for the homeless and the ill, that built hospitals, that gave women the right to vote, that ended segregation, that led us to go to war against the evils of German fascism and Soviet Communism.

In the absence of Christian idealism evil doesn’t abate; it grows. There is little wonder then that as Christianity declines in America, the great world superpower, evil grows anew and moves from its old hiding places spreading out globally.

Some may argue that secular idealism is well suited to replace Christian ideals. They would be tragically wrong. First of all, secular or humanistic idealism places man at the center of morality and as such is not only open to self-interest but is inherently motivated by self-interest. It denies any wrong that does not do wrong to whatever self-interest goal is in fashion and because it is not grounded in tradition it is dependent on not being challenged. Because its existence cannot be challenged it must seek to destroy those things that are opposed to it. It does not challenge Islam because Islam is at this stage a remote threat from far away. But Christianity is an immediate threat and must be squashed. Thus we see prayer in schools denied, public displays of faith, even in historical contexts prevented, and hate based groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation stalking the shadows, looking for poor, rural communities of visible faith to pounce upon.

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