Europe fosters absolute moral relativism…

        European economy declines

        Former Soviet Union reasserts old communist goals of regional hegemony

        Muslims emerge as significant immigration population

        Terrorism spreads

        Jews are marginalized

        Refugees are found murdered by the truck load

        Dead children wash up on beaches like our own damnation coming back home

Precipitating these tragedies is the decline of Christianity across Europe, the closure of countless churches (closed to do low attendance, taken over by the state, bought by Islamic groups to be used as mosques  or turned into tourist attractions where naysaying secular spectators outnumber the gathered faithful).

As Europe goes, so goes America. Men of GOD fled the old world to make a better new world. Now we retrace their footsteps in the rush of madmen, desperate to return to the bosom of a desiccated mother. This is not an alarmist diatribe or a clever piece of propaganda. It is a simple matter of looking at the patterns, of seeing what has happened before, how it transpired and understanding the signs of the times.

All cultures fail… All nations come to an end… To everything there is a season…  Only GOD is eternal and only his truth stays the course.

I mourn today because as a nation America is dead. A city on a hill, whose light cannot be hid is now dark with the death that is the fruit of smug, self-satisfied emptiness. The promise of a nation has become the albatross hung around our necks. I mourn for my nation today because we are adrift on a sea of ice and cold and frozen hopes, all of us ghosts, shadows of what could have been, of what we were meant to be.

I mourn today for my nation…

Marriage redefined

Christians forced out of business or arrested

Violence on our streets running red with blood

Blame. Blame. Blame. Always blame the other guy; never, never ever I.

And Satan himself sits on a bronze throne in a dead city here in America.

We celebrate the darkness, beg to dance with devils! Like Rome in its decline we gorge ourselves on the spectacle, like blind children running to the Devils own Carnival.

There was a movie and in that movie was a song of victory sung by the Devil, for in that film we let him win. The song goes…

Once upon a time
Heaven was a tower, tower
Tethered in its pride
Cast us grapes as sour, sour
Thought the ink was dried
But Hellish gardens flowered
Ivy to be climbed
Spread my filth, my wings, my weeds, my weeds

Indeed, indeed and sorrowful was the deed. It began in a garden, our sinful folly. We built for ourselves a city on a hill, perhaps to much of ourselves and to little of GOD did we infuse the brick and mortar. Two hundred years we grew proud, grew in the thickness of our own self interest, assuming that what was good for American, that what was Democracy, MUST, MUST, MUST be of God, then we let it become our god. We choked on it, vomited out the offending offal and from it Hellish Gardens flowered.

My fairest wheels are turning

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