We seek to judge the thing by which are judged perfectly

Too often people pick up the Bible with an eye towards judging its, weighing it against what we believe, or want to be true. But in reality, we are judged by the Bible. How can we be judged by a mere book? The answer is the Bible is no mere book. The Bible, unlike other religious texts is not simply a moral guide, or a set of doctrines. The Bible is God. The Bible is Jesus Christ.  There is an incarnational quality to the Bible that must not be denied. What we read as moral rules in the text are in fact direct revealed moral orders, order here being used in the sense of an ordered system. When we remember that we are people of the Book, we need to recall that that book is a living thing itself, not an icon of a distant god, but god incarnate in the narrative. When we read of the various relationships in the Bible we are deep reading THE relationship between man and God. Deep reading here is meant to convey something beyond comprehensive reading, it is experiential reading, reading so deep that we become the story and the story becomes us. For this reason when are called to live in Christ we are being called to live in  the story of the Bible.

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