Christians are called to be holy and anything less, though we all fall short, is breaking the rules of the club.

Two brothers were recently prevented from hosting a DIY show on HGTV due to the outside intervention of the left wing radical group “Right wing Watch”. It seems that the twin brothers father, a semi-well known pastor and a vocal pro life advocate was discovered by this group, on a background vetting to ensure their children did not hold views that were contrary to social left wing ideals to have said things that were not in full support of abortion and homosexuality According to Right wing watch simply not agreeing with their social causes is sufficient to label ones constitutionally protected speech as hate speech.

Discussion topic’s –

Who watches the watchmen… How do Christians confront and combat the aggressive, well funded, and organized efforts of the socially progressive left when their tactics turn to the use of labels to set anyone who does not agree with them apart and keep them in a negative light?

How can Christians group learn from these tactics without descending to the same mud slinging and name calling and still be effective in the message in a culture that is increasingly attuned to negative sound bites?

It is a fundamental truth that Christians are set apart. We are called to live with one foot in the world and one foot in heaven, always under the shadow of Gods grace. So it is indeed true that to be a Christian is to be set apart, to be part of a very exclusive membership club, one that is open to anyone but with very strict membership rules. Christians are called to be holy and anything less, though we all fall short, is breaking the rules of the club. How then can we as Christians keeping ourselves set apart still be open to the real world and not fall victim to a mindset of exclusivity?

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