Words, you say, have no power? Words are the most powerful magic of all. Words shape the world every day. The western world revolves on the words of the Greek philosophers and on the writers of the Christian bible! Protests are launched by a call to action, that call is a word! Words invented Childhood in the 19th century; words lead us to the altar of matrimony and all too often to the cold rooms of divorce court. We say that words hurt or that words heal! We admonish our children to watch their mouths.  Words elevated us beyond the animals of the earth and connect us to all the ways we perceive god. There is no power in the entire world; not electric, not hydraulic, not even atomic that comes close to motivating us to action. And when we are desperate and bowed to our knees, when we are reverent and thankful of some life changing event we do not ask for a token or a flash of light or some grand spectacle. We ask only for a few words. So yes there is power in our words, don’t ever forget that. If there is any wisdom at all in the world it is this.

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